Triply Cookware

If you are not using Triply cookware yet, you are missing out on a lot. Triply cookware is made of three- ply material i.e. three layers sandwiched together. The inner most layer of stainless steel, middle layer of aluminum and an outer layer of stainless steel. With triply stainless steel cookware you don’t have to worry about hotspots and burns. In a triply stainless steel cookware, the middle layer of aluminum helps in even heat distribution, the outer layer of magnetic steel makes it compatible with induction and the inner steel layer ensures that your food has 0% contact with Aluminum. We are one of the first few Indian companies who ventured into this cookware technology and therefore are renowned triply cookware manufacturer. Our triply cookware set comes in different variants and we have something for all! So go ahead and explore our triply cookware sets and choose the best fit for your kitchen.